Gig Poster

Badflower is a rock band from Los Angeles, California that officially formed around 2011. The project task was to create a gig poster for an upcoming concert at the Illinois State Fair, along with an Instagram carousel ad, a shirt design, and a zoom background for display. A running theme in their music is about the difficulties of life. I translated this concept visually into a spiral, and photoshoped a sunflower into the design to represent the idea of happiness mixed into the difficulties. I customized the type by photographing and vectoring dry brushed acrylic on paper to form the textured, stamp-like font seen within the design.

Deliverables: Poster, Customized Type, Instagram Ad, Merchandise, Zoom Background
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop
Mentor: Dannell Macilwraith
badflower flat poster
badflower poster mockup
badflower poster mockup
badflower flat posterbadflower poster mockupbadflower poster mockup
badflower instagram ad carousel
badflower zoom background