Pierrot's Lost Hope

Album Design

The Pierrot’s Lost Hope is an album, which supports the organization, To Wear Love On Her Arms, a nonprofit that brings awareness to and helps those with mental illness, addiction, and suicidal thoughts. My inspiration came from the idea of a misunderstood Pierrot. The album is intended to feel as if it is a lost piece of hope that was found and able to bring life to a person, once again, through the compilation of songs. The illustrations are all vector, along with the gradients, and then texturized in photoshop with a spotted texture and a vignette to center the eyes towards the information. The project deliverables also contained a series of accessories and shirts for merchandise.

Deliverables: Album, Hand Typography, Merchandise, Website
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, VS Studio
Mentor: Elaine Cunfer and Josh Miller