Time For Change

Editorial Spread

The magazine spread was created for the Society of Publication Design’s student competition under the news category with the title requirement of “Time for Change.” The article used for the project was written about internet censorship and the differences between countries, specifically those that had the worst regulations regarding censorship. Because the article related to internet censorship, I chose shades of blue and a purple, along with a yellow to create areas of high contrast and visibility within the design. The line texture was created with a large chisel tipped sharpie on paper, photographed, vectorized, and placed in a brick pattern to mimic restricted information on confidential documents. The illustrations are also vector based, and the people shown have no eyes and a bar across their mouth to display that there is information they are not allowed to witness or speak about.

Deliverables: Magazine Double Feature Spread, SPD
Tools: Illustrator, Black Chisel Sharpie
Mentor: Elaine Cunfer
magazine mockup