Savage Ancient Seas

Exhibit Poster

The Museum of the Rockies was holding an exhibit titled Savage Ancient Seas from January 23 – May 2, 2021. The exhibit would display massive marine creatures from 70 million years in the past. The project deliverables were to create an exhibition poster and a Facebook filter using Spark AR Studio filter to promote the exhibit. My inspiration came from the old drawings and journal notes that would be taken by a person studying these creatures. I mixed technical, straight lines with a handwriting-like font, and added note taking strategies such as circles and underlines to make the text seem as if it was taken from an old anatomical journal about these ancient marine fish.

Deliverables: Poster Design, Illustrator, Spark AR Studio
Tools: Illustrator, Fineliners
Mentor: Dannell Macilwraith
Savage Ancient Seas Flat Poster
Savage Ancient Seas Poster Mockup
Savage Ancient Seas Poster Mockup
Savage Ancient Seas Flat PosterSavage Ancient Seas Poster MockupSavage Ancient Seas Poster Mockup