In A Pickle

Bakery Branding

In A Pickle is a bakery that uses pickled fruits and vegetables in their baking. The owners started the company with a pickle pie, and have since expanded their selection to other pickled products in their baked goods. The scope of the project contains a logo, stationary design, and a WordPress website. The colors were chosen because of the relationship between pickles and bakery goods, to balance the green of the pickles with the colors of bread and dough. The website contains an about page, a baked goods page, a blog for any article the owners wish to share about baked goods and pickled goods, and finally a contact page so visitors of the website can email, call, or know where to locate the bakery at a farmers' market or in their brick-and-mortar store.

Deliverables: Logo, Stationary, Apron Uniform, Takeout, Website
Tools: Illustrator, Wordpress/VS Studio
Mentor: Elaine Cunfer and Josh Miller