UX/UI Redesign is a cruise website designed to help customers find, and locate the cruise of their dreams. The project included making user personas, recreating the process flow after user testing the original navigation, rebranding the site, and then redesigning it along with additional user testing, and journey mapping with actual people in different age brackets. The main parts redesigned were the homepage, the navigation, and a specific cruise page. The homepage was designed in Adobe XD, and the cruise page was prototyped in Figma.

Deliverables: UI/UX Website Redesign,
Tools: Adobe Spark, Adobe XD, Figma
Mentor: Dannell Macilwraith
Original Process Flow of
journey map 3
Photo of Sorting Card Activity to Determine New Navigation through user testing
sorting card activity
Updated Process Flow for
updated process flow
User Personas
User Personas
Journey Mapping